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We are passionate about creating products that can challenge the market leaders, or create its own unique space.


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Enjoy the best customer experience and attain business success with us.

We are a leading Independent Software Testing (IST) Service Provider Company which aims to enhance your software product quality. We understand that every client’s needs are unique. So, we cater to your requirements by devising a customized solution for you.

  • Equipped with expert engineers in various domains.
  • Highly skilled in identification and application of latest tools and technology.
  • Supple in adoption of client culture, workflow, process, business ethics and technology.
  • Continuous analysis and skill development.
  • Specialized in offering end-to-end solutions for brand spanking new developments.
  • Committed to pioneer and implement latest technology, our strategies and solutions aim to enhance the quality of outsourcing products. With our high-end testing objectives, we minimize risks, and maximize resourcefulness of our partners.
  • Driven by shared growth, we see our progress in the success of our clients which has earned us great recognition in the software testing market.
  • While working closely with our customers, we assist them to accomplish their software system quality management goals successfully.

We're driven by a passion to assist our clients build stronger, a lot of agile and a lot of innovative business. Skytesters permits world enterprises to deal with a dual mandate: to create their current operations as economical and cost-efficient as doable and to speculate in innovation to unleash new potential across their organizations. What makes Skytesters distinctive is our ability to assist clients meet each challenges, we have a tendency to facilitate them enhance productivity by guaranteeing that important business functions work quicker, cheaper and higher. And, our ability to gestate, creator and implement new and enlarged capabilities permits our customers to remodel legacy models to take their business to future level.

  • We take active measures to safeguard the security and reliableness of the network.
  • We are committed to securing and protecting our customers information.
  • We adhere to a Secure Development LifeCycle (SDLC) within the development of our product and services.
  • We shield the protection of our worth chain.

  • Team of professionals with rich expertise in several domains.
  • Strength in identification and application of latest tools and technology.
  • Flexibility to adapt client culture, workflow, process, business ethics and technology.
  • Continuous analysis and skill development.
  • We are specialized in providing technology and end-to-end solutions for brand spanking new development.

Despite our growth, we aren't a disproportionately large organization. In contrast to some of our competitors, we retain a novel flexibility and collaborative spirit centered on our individual clients served by an attentive leadership, and therefore the ability to pile up groups from various parts of the organization.

Similarly, our approach to innovation is frozen in our ability to ceaselessly observe the requirements of real operations, as well as our openness to external partners.

Skytesters is a subsidiary of Venture7 Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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