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Key Services

We let you focus on your core business while our team assist you with right strategy, test automation and coordinated crowdtesting services.

QA Strategy

We start with identifying gaps in current processes, systems, tools, teams and culture, and then recommend strategy to move organisation towards QA excellence. We share actionable steps and assist teams in achieving the organisation goals.

Test Automation

Be ahead of competition in delivering high quality product faster and reliably every-time! Automate repeatable and critical test aspects to improve test coverage. Our highly skilled experts focus on functional, performance and security test automation.

Crowd Testing

Augment your conventional QA teams with users of different demographics, diverse skills and distributed business domains. Validate product across multiple Devices/OS/Network/ Hardware otherwise not possible in conventional model.

User Surveys

Innovation in closed room can be dangerous thing! Enjoy end-user feedback and mindshare of many to delivery high quality product and avoid risks of low user ratings. Design your unique goals and align crowd contribution to your priority.

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All key testing services under one umbrella
Product engineering delivery specialists
Expert QA architects for quality excellance
Focus on compliance and business continuity
First in industry to provide secured crowd
SLA based engagement model
Customers include Fortune 500 companies

Why Crowdtesting

Top-up your systematic testing with CrowdTesting for quality delivery to your end users on time every time!
Scalable, Predictable, Flexible and, Collaborative Service

Complement traditional testing.

Weekend Testers to stay ahead.

Varied range of latest and obsolete devices.

Address plethora of challenging mobile specific test parameters.

Virtually unlimited crowd available for prompt action.

Disciplined review by QA specialists for noise reduction.

  • Motivated Crowd

    Our CrowdTesters contribute to prove their might; not to just get paid.

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Single point of contact for all your interaction including test strategy, starting a new test cycle, and periodic updates.

  • Multi-review model

    Multiple reviews takes care of limitations of crowd contribution. Our reviewers save you from noise to give you high quality results.

  • Detailed reports

    Get insightful reports to assist you analyse the health of product.

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